Rabenhorst - Wheatgrass Juice Cocktail 750mL

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  • Great for liver detox, blood purification and colon cleansing.
  • Boosts immunity, antiseptic effect and supports weight loss as it is combined with green tea, spirulina and lemon juice for superior effect.
  • Maximum chlorophyll content as it is made with 8th day harvest of wheatgrass.
  • Consume directly and no need for dilution. Consume daily as part of lifestyle for best results.
  • No preservatives, colours, flavours and suitable for vegans.

Ingredients: Wheatgrass juice (45%), water (22%), apple juice (22%), agave syrup (7.5%), lemon juice (3%), spirulina (0.2%), green tea (0.1%), stabiliser: pectins.

Country of Origin: Germany

Best Before: November 2024

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