Tree Foods Company | Organic Peruvian Black Maca Powder Gelatinised, 150g

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Black Maca has been consumed by men for ages in central region of the Andes and has been considered as a gift from the gods. Black Maca can adapt the field of its own and can grow in low temperatures, enduring the difficult weather of the Andes. The Inca men recognised its benefits and used it to improve their physical and mental performance. 

This organic gelatinised black maca powder is authentic Peruvian and loaded with health benefits. Moreover, the process of gelatinisation has made it more nutrient dense and easily digestible and soluble.


100% Organic Gelatinised Black Maca Powder (Lepidium Meyenii Negra)

Nutritional Info

Health Benefits of Black Maca Powder
  • Boost testosterone levels and athletic endurance.
  • Known to reduce anxiety, stress and enhance mood.
  • Balances hormones resulting in a positive effect on sexual function, disease prevention, mood regulation and much more.
  • Rich source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids (20 different kinds), enzymes and antioxidants.
Why Gelatinised Black Maca Powder is better?

Due to lack of starch, gelatinised black maca powder is easier to digest, soluble in a liquid medium and contains nutrients in a more concentrated fashion, making it the preferred type of black maca powder.  

How To Use

Suggested Serving per Day: 5g

Black Maca Powder can be used while baking and it can be easily added to your smoothies and soups for an extra boost. You can make a yummy maca latte or just add it your morning yogurts or porridges.

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