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Rabenhorst | Pure Health Juices

Rabenhorst | Pure Health Juices

About Rabenhorst

Rabenhorst is more than a 100 year old health juice brand from Germany with a well-known global presence. All juices are made from 100% pure and real fruits & vegetables and made through in-house pressing. The raw materials undergo strict incoming inspection and are thoroughly tested in our own testing laboratory. The fruits are pressed only once in our own wine press - comparable to the high ëxtra-virgin" quality of olive oil. In order to preserve the original ingredients, the juice is gently pasteurised and filled into the protective amber glass bottle.

Availability in India

Rabenhorst juices are available at top gourmet & organic stores across India as well as online at House of Mandara and The online orders will be shipped directly to you along with the option of COD.

Not all Juices are the Same

The designation of fruit beverages in Germany is regulated by the "Fruit Juice Ordinance" and the "Guidelines for Fruit Juice". Due to Rabenhorst's high quality standards, no concentrates are processed, but only pure juices are produced and if necessary, processed into high-quality fruit nectars. This means that Rabenhorst juices are based on natural and original ingredients and thus meet the highest quality level of juice-based beverages.


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