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Rabenhorst | Pure Prune Juice (Unsweetened), 700 mL

Rabenhorst | Pure Prune Juice (Unsweetened), 700 mL
Rabenhorst | Pure Prune Juice (Unsweetened), 700 mL
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Enjoy this healthy and delicious prune juice with no added sugar or preservatives and made from carefully selected sulphur-free prunes. Obtained by water extraction of full-bodied prunes, this prune juice is highly beneficial in preventing constipation and maintaining digestive health through its high content of plant-based dietary fiber. It is also a great source of Boron, a mineral that helps in building strong bones and muscles.

The pressing and bottling are done in-house at Rabenhorst and the result is a delicious and exceptional quality prune juice with no added sugar or alternate sweetener. 


Water, Prunes (50%)

Nutritional Info

Health Benefits of Prune Juice

  • Great source of plant-based dietary fiber and sorbitol and helps with constipation and maintaining digestive health.
  • Good source of Potassium, Vitamin K, Vitamin A and Riboflavin.
  • Great source of Iron and can help prevent & treat iron deficiency.
  • Natural source of the mineral Boron that helps in building muscles and strong bones.

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