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Menakao | 100% Cocoa Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate, 75g

Rs. 500.00

This dark chocolate bar is made of authentic Madagascan cocoa beans and nothing else. The absence of sugar created a bar with deep cocoa notes, bold and contained. As the cocoa liquor (ground cocoa beans) melts, the aromas are released, robust, like a punch, over a subtle bright background characteristics of the fruity Madagascan beans.

The initial berries have a citrus edge, leading to a powerful and sharp finish. A roasted note is mixed with the fruits, which reminds us a little of strong filter coffee. The almost sherbet – like astringency, gives a mouthwatering quality as the chocolate fills your mouth with strong flavours.


100% Madagascan cocoa beans

Key Features

Gluten-Free and Soy-Free Dark Chocolate


Academy of Chocolate Bronze Winner - 2017



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