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LA Organic | Best Olive Oils in India



LA Organic olive oils hail from the illustrious region of Andalusia, Spain - known for the best olive oils in the world. Its exceptional flavour & body is a result of careful selection of organic groves and manual harvesting of olives in place of modern machines. Revered in the gourmet food circles, LA Organic olive oils are used by several Michelin starred chefs including Sergi Arola. They are served in the first & business class flights of British Airways and it is the only olive oil brand present in the Queen of England's shop in Windsor. Moreover, all Starbucks throughout Spain & Portugal exclusively serve the LA Organic olive oils to their customers! 

High Quality Ingredients

LA Organic has exceptionally high quality standards and uses the system of Pagos Asociados (a model used in the wine world) where carefully-selected small organic olive groves are scattered over the whole of Andalusia. 

At every single LA Organic mill the olives are cold-pressed with a maximum temperature of 24C to give that inspiring taste & truly-desired health benefits (normally olive oil is extracted between 27C and 28C).

Andalusian region is to olive oil what LA Rioja is to the world of wine - the heartland of high-quality Spanish olive oil production! 

Proven Health Benefits

  • Reduces inflammation and beneficial effects on genes linked to cancer due to healthy monounsaturated fats present in extra-virgin olive oil.

  • Reduces risk of heart disease due to powerful antioxidants present in extra-virgin olive oil, preventing cholesterol in our blood stream from becoming oxidised. 

  • Helps fight Alzheimer's disease by removing beta amyloid plaques inside brain cells.

Try the LA Organic olive oils to go back in time and enjoy the authentic Spanish experience!







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