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Menakao | 72% Single-Origin Dark Chocolate, 75g

Menakao | 72% Single-Origin Dark Chocolate, 75g
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A 72% dark chocolate just sweet enough, but enough, to reveal the deep aroma of cocoa and notes of red fruits and citrus. An intense, elegant 72% dark chocolate with a nice finish on the palate.

The image corresponds to the portrait of a Mahafaly woman (“Those who make people happy”). Located in the southwest of Madagascar, the Mahafaly are particularly famous for the tombs they build to honor their chiefs and kings. The tombs are made up of large stone squares surmounted by wooden sculptures (called “aloalo”, meaning “the messenger” between the worlds of life and the dead) and piles of zebu horns. The Aloalo are sculpted with geometric patterns and topped with figures or naive scenes from life. Mahafaly art is also manifested through some very characteristic hairstyles (as illustrated on the case).

INGREDIENTS: Madagascan Cocoa Beans, Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier: Sunflower Lecithin.




Nutritional Info

Average Values per 100g

* % Daily Value / Serve

Serving Size: 30g | # Servings: 2.5

Energy 594kcal 9%
Protein 13g 7%
Carbohydrate 43g 4%
of which Sugars 36g
** Added Sugar 27g 16%
Total Fat 41g 18%
** Saturated Fat 10g 14%
** Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 5mg
** Sodium 12mg 0%

* Calculated based on reference daily energy intake value of 2000kcal and a single serving.

** Excessive intake of these ingredients through any food can be harmful to health.

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