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Best Dark Chocolates from Ecuador & Madagascar

Best Dark Chocolates from Ecuador & Madagascar

Menakao Chocolates:

Menakao hails from the island of Madagascar and only uses the beans classified as “Fine Cocoa” by the ICCO(UK), for its beautifully aromatic and fruity notes. The beans are produced by the best plantations of lower and upper region of the Sambirano Valley. Menakao produces its beans locally, which allows them to follow a fair trade approach and participate in the economic development of Madagascar and producing more income for the Madagascan workers. Menakao has won many awards in the international competitions and all Menakao chocolates are gluten-free and soy-free.


Pacari Chocolates:

Pacari comes from the birthplace of chocolate, using only the highest quality organic, Arriba Nacional cacao, plants native to Ecuador that yield a bean classified as “fino de aroma” which is known for its richness, full taste, fruity and floral notes. Having won more than 180 awards at various international chocolate competitions, it is to no surprise that Pacari is considered to be one of “The Best chocolate in the world”. Pacari binds itself to the health of the land and those who consume its products, as they are certified organic and free of soy, dairy, gluten, chemicals and GMOs.

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